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Apr 15, 2022
In Prayer
This is from my cousin about her 1 year old son, Lazzlo. Please keep their family in your prayers as they start this process. Unfortunately, we got news that Lazzlo has ONH (optic nerve hypoplasia). We went to the optometrist to evaluate what we thought was just a “lazy eye”. We were referred to a pediatric ophthalmologist to have corrective surgery for the eye, but instead got this diagnosis. ONH is a rare disease that happens 1 in every 10,000. ONH is the leading ocular cause of blindness and visual impairment in young children. ONH is where the optic never did not fully develop. We don’t know what Lazzlo’s vision is in his right eye. He may be blind in that eye but we do believe he does have some vision in it. Not only does it affect his vision but may or may not cause abnormal brain functions, and the effects can range from mild to severe. We have to get a sedated MRI to find out what all else will follow with this. We are really hoping for no brain abnormalities to come back on this MRI. This has been extremely hard news for our family.
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