Jesus is...

As I read thru Matthew chapter 9 this morning, I saw the steadfast power of God's unmistakable love, as I witnessed through scripture Jesus’ healing people and forgiving sins. There is no power on the planet like the power Jesus holds. During his 3-year Ministry, Jesus showed us time and time again that he is God's one and only son. Superheroes are depicted  in movies to have it and people flock to the theaters to see it.  Even though they try, no one can do what Jesus can do. It's an unmistakable power of healing, renewal, and calling for a future we never even knew we had. 2000 years later as we sit here reading this amazing passage of scripture on healing it's very easy for us to think “that was then and this is now.”  When I talk with people about the healing power of Jesus, it's difficult for them to believe because they don't see him walking everyday among us. His Holy Spirit is working and moving in our lives. Most people don't have a religious platform they were raised  from. When we talk about Jesus the only seeing that they see is a distorted picture that the media has fed them. a loving, compassionate, healing, and wise Jesus is far from their mind. Representing Jesus in our culture today isn't just starting from scratch but it is tearing down the misconceptions that people have of him. We don't do this alone when we share his story. His Holy Spirit moves in the heart of the ones who are open to hearing the truth of the Gospel of Jesus. Are we ready to hear the message? Are we ready to receive the blessings of having Jesus in our life? Is there room in our life to be inspired, to consider and to receive a Jesus who is what he is? 

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