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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

What if our church didn’t exist? What if our kids didn’t get to hear the message of Jesus every week? What if our benevolence fund didn’t exist? What if we weren’t able to provide families with emergency groceries and aid? What if we couldn’t gather for worship on Sunday mornings?  Because of your incredible generosity, we don’t have to ask those questions. 

Although the COVID pandemic was a set back, it didn’t stop God from moving forward with His plans and purpose for our church.  This past year we had the privilege of ministering to a little more than forty kids and students in weekly discipleship programs.  Nineteen adults were involved in a variety of weekly bible studies. Nine people consistently served in our worship team and seven of them are students in our church. We had three baptisms and one person come to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.  God empowered us to reach out to our community through “Little Boxes of Sunshine” and we have served numerous families through our benevolence fund. It is also important to note that our church has had a huge impact globally through the Great Commission Fund.

We know that God is not done with us yet.  We would like to impact our community further and reach more families with the message of Jesus. This coming year we hope to:

  • Engage families with kids and students and continue to build those ministries

  • Reach out to families affected by depression, anxiety, substance abuse and poverty

  • Provide a worship experience for 20 more families

We can’t pull this off without your support. Whether you attend the church on a regular basis, watch us online, or just attend on occasion, we’re asking you to prayerfully consider contributing financially to these goals. It’s something we need our entire church community’s help with.

Even if you can’t make a large financial gift, know that every little bit helps. We hope that you’ll consider making a donation towards this great step forward that we’re making together.

Thank you for your investment.  

Governing Board

Green River Alliance Church

Give Online

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