Adventure Is Out There!

Oftentimes, my wife and I would take a drive and go somewhere we've never been before.  We would leave on this journey with the understanding that we would get lost. Our Hope was that we would discover a new place that we've never seen before. Nine times out of ten, we would find a new town, a new park, a new restaurant, or a new  point of interest, we've never been to before. One of the fun parts about these journeys were stop signs and intersections. When we would come to an intersection or stop sign I would ask a question: “Right, left or straight?”  Heather and I would pick a direction based on how adventurous we felt. We still play that game to this day but it's a little easier to get lost in Wyoming then it was to get lost in Ohio.

Our life is an adventure. We just have to choose which direction to go. Some adventures have stalled out because our primary destination is our cell phone, couch, easy chair, or TV.  Other adventures have stalled out because of people's opinions of us.  But God has something different for us. Sometimes we have to grab our road map and make a plan other times we have to be obedient in the choices that He puts in front of us spontaneously. 

God loves us. He wants us to have a full life. A life full of peace, hope, joy, and love starts with committing to a relationship with Jesus.   When the adventure gets scary, Jesus through His Holy Spirit provides for us confidence to make good choices and steer our lives in a direction that is a blessing to not just us but everyone around us. When our life comes to a crossroads and we have to make decisions, who influences those decisions? Who do we go to for advice? We should look towards God to help us make these decisions. We should ask God which direction we should go on our adventure. 

Sometimes as we're going through life, all of these things happen and we don't have any control  over them. Sometimes bad things happened on Heather and I’s adventures. A tire would blow out. An engine would stall. Accidents would happen. The same is true for life's adventures. bad things happen that we never expected to happen. An addiction is formed.  A life is lost.  Illness is experienced.  Misunderstandings happen.  Relationships break. 

The choices that we make really define the direction of our adventures. That might be stating the obvious but if we want to live our life walking with Jesus, then we have to make choices that reflect  the choices that Jesus made. The easy thing to forget in our adventure is that God chose us first. Over all creation God chose us as his family.  But he gave us the gift of free will and we have to  decide if we're going to choose him back. Our relationship with Jesus is a two-way street. Will we meet Jesus in a head-on collision of faith? Or will we swerve trying to miss the truth and values that He puts in front of us. 

1 Thessalonians 1:4-5 - For we know, brothers loved by God, that he has chosen you, because our gospel came to you not only in word, but also in power and in the Holy Spirit and with full conviction.

Imagine the places that you can go In confidence when you say yes to Jesus. Imagine what your life will be like if you make your decisions and choices based on Jesus’ truths and values.  

Life is an adventure!  Right, left or straight. You pick!

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